“Barbara and Jim are electrically passionate people who LIVE the new generation, electric powered bikes that they sell and service. They are providing an exciting transportation option for the present and future for any rider. (YES, you do still pedal!) The “present” is a silent, cat-quick bike with approximately 30 mile range. A “future” that will require little maintenance and no insurance/registration. And fuel is just a solar panel away!


Mark Cook

Certified Advance Rolfer

“My wife and I have been researching e-bikes for several months and have talked to many e-bike sellers in large cities. We were so pleased and impressed to meet Jim Toth right here in Las Cruces. Jim is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about e-bikes, our community, and blending the two. Recently we met him at The Hub, where he volunteers his time and expertise to help repair bikes for those less fortunate.”


John Christopher

State Director of Comcast (Retired)

“These are a blast! Thanks Jim Toth for fixing us up. If anyone wants to try one of these, get with Jim and you can try it out. He has several to choose from. These are pretty amazing pieces of machinery!”


Ron Feder

Las Cruces, NM

I have never experienced such personal or caring follow-up on any purchase I have ever made. 

Thank you!”


Ruth A.

Just wanted to share my experience with the Surface 604 Shred I purchased from you on July 25. The bike has completely changed the way I get back and forth to work. I have a 10 mile roundtrip commute and have only driven my truck to work 3 times since then. I almost have 500 miles on the bike!
I was like others at first and felt that having electric assist was somehow “cheating”. Nothing could be further from the truth! I’m getting plenty of exercise because I can choose how much assist to use and I have ridden more since I bought the bike than I would ever have using my regular bike! I can also ride with others that are way fitter than I am without holding them back. 
Thanks for all your help in choosing the right bike and all the advice since!


Raul Aun

El Paso, Tx

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