Jim and Barbara Toth have created E-Bikes of Southern New Mexico to share the advantages of electric bicycles with folks in and around our community.  We are convinced they can have a highly positive impact on quality of life. In fact, for every idea we have about who they can help and how, we come across another application that had not even occurred to us! Jim spent nearly 33 years with the USPS, after serving nearly 11 years with the USAF. Retirement has afforded him the opportunity to put his life-long love of cycling into a new and exciting project – launching a business to reach out to as many people as possible with the numerous opportunities E-Bikes can provide! Jim has been riding and repairing bikes since he was a teen. Over the last 40 years he has logged more than 100,000 outdoor miles! Following surgery to stabilize a deteriorating ankle joint, he’s enjoyed being back out on the road as much as ever. However,  in dealing with his ankle, we’ve become more aware of the kinds of situations which limit people’s options for riding traditional bicycles. When we discovered E-Bikes, we knew right away that we were on to something! We’ve come to appreciate that they can provide the means for a greater number of people to engage in, enjoy, and reap the benefits of cycling! Far from being the avid rider her husband has been, Barbara has, nonetheless, enjoyed hundreds of happy hours on the back of a tandem. Health concerns forced her to put cycling on hold for a good many years; but thanks to E-Bike technology she, too, will be enjoying 2-wheel adventures once again! We would love the chance to tell you all about E-Bikes; even better, we’ll be happy to get you out on one. Once you experience it for yourself, you’ll  know exactly what’s so exceptional about E-Bikes!

Mission Statement:

We are passionate about introducing people to the enhanced quality of life that electric bikes can provide.

You can count on our exceptional service, excellent values and quality products.

Bicycles for the Borderland

Many of our neighbors in southern New Mexico and west Texas lack the resources for even basic everyday needs; for many, having a bicycle would make a huge difference in a very practical way. A bicycle in good operating condition can provide dependable transportation to appointments and for commuting to work or school, as well as provide recreation and fitness. We are committed to reaching out to those in need in our community – 2 wheels at a time!  Acquiring repairable bikes and getting them in safe running order is something we can help with. We are happy to partner with the local Optimist Club, Velo Cruces, and any others who are ‘bike-minded”!  We’d love to hear about who can put a bicycle to good use. You can be a part of making that happen:

  • Let us know about persons who could benefit from the gift of a bicycle.
  • Donate used bicycles in serviceable condition,
  •  Collect bike parts or helmets that are still safe to use.
  • Assist with making repairs and refurbishing bikes.
  • Financial gifts gratefully accepted!

How to Find Us